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Spearheading technology

Project Brief

My job was to build a startup that focuses on developing their own private initiatives as well as investing in other startups and ideas. However, the company itself was founded quite a bit of time ago and I had to get across the historical legacy of the company through the branding.

The origin of the company was my client's dad who was a javelin thrower athlete and he wanted to incorporate his image into the branding.

My Approach

I've started with a research of similar businesses, incubators and website and started gather ideas and best practices to unite quite a few different directions on one website. It had to showcase this initiative's projects, attract new startups as well as advertise its services.

The Solution

It’s time to bring it all together. Nothing is more rewarding for me than making great work for clients with meaningful missions. Through a deep understanding of our audience’s makeup and motivations, we design digital experiences that connect with people.


The website has launched and successfully attracted both new prospects and startups to take part in the initiative.