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Sound mapping and spatial audio

Project Brief

My job was to improve and update the interface of the app and the web platform that was used to create soundwalks.

Echoes is a platform that allows its users to listen to specific soundwalks as they are walking in cities, parks and other places, literally anywhere in the world. Echoes allows to create and distribute soundwalks and sound experiences both in regular and spatial audio.

My Approach

Since the project I was working on was already developed and had the interface as well as the users, I began to investigate how the users are currently interacting with the app, observing and analysing pain points.

The key here was to take a step-by-step approach since rushing big changes at once is not a great idea. We wanted the new experience to apply slowly to minimize discomfort.

Work progress

As we were developing solutions for particular problems or business needs we were uncovering new information on how the users are interacting with the app and the web interface, which kept feeding us with new insights which formed new features. Exciting! We managed to double the user base and the engagement.

Human Experience

It's fascinating to design interfaces for new kind of experiences, and that's what I love the most. In fact what I'm thrilled with is the fact that this project allowed to create an interface that makes you put your phone away and just get lost in the actual mesmerizing sound experince.